About us

VICE TRADING is a 100% privately owned entity. When it was originally founded its core purpose was commodity brokerage. Shortly after it spun off into the tech sector having been granted a subsidy loan by AWS, the subsidy and grant body of the Republic of Austria, to develop a technology which would revolutionise the way global trade transactions are handled. Today VICE TRADING is much more than just a brokerage. We have successfully developed our in-house technology which we use in our day-to-day operations to sustainably grow our commodity trading activities.
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Founding year of VICE TRADING GmbH
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Secured subsidised loan funding and started development of the initial VICE TRADING Platform
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Official Launch of our first tech product in combination with operational start of general brokerage
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Launch of the first mobile application developed for cross-industry supply and demand matching
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Consolidation and refocusing purely to global commodity trade
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Restructuring and Rebranding to a virtually integrated commodity trading business with underlying in-house tech products