VICE TRADING and its hubsquare platform is designed with a scalable approach at heart. Therefore we are always looking to expand our international team of traders. Rest assured our team is full of character and somewhat different to your usual office crowd.

Now, are you?

  • Ambitious, stress resistant and dedicated
  • An analytical thinker with a tendency to paranoia
  • Fluent in English and other languages
  • Interested in geo-politics
  • Understanding the basics of international trade
  • Negotiating like a hawkster
  • Hungry for more than just a salary

Yes? Then your first challenge starts here and now!

  • Figure out how to get in touch with the right person at VICE TRADING
  • Send over your CV and motivation letter (we don’t require diplomas we prefer the street smart hardworking type)
  • Sell us something. Just anything.

Just so we are clear. Our traders are paid commissions on trades. So if you plan on pushing papers and getting paid, that’s not happening.