hubsquare is a closed commodity trading platform giving access only to trusted, verified suppliers and buyers which have passed extensive KYC, compliance and capability checks. Therefore we can proudly guarantee that any supply or demand is 100% genuine.

Onboarding, KYC and Compliance

In order to be onboarded as a trusted supplier or buyer, clients need to fulfil our KYC and compliance requirements during the onboarding process. hubsquare is directly integrated with numerous international authorities, organisations and law enforcement agencies. Therefore our technology enables us to run KYC and compliance checks by verifying all the information provided by the client in real-time.

  • Company Registry check ups
  • AML, PEP and Sanctions List check up
  • Tax-ID verification

ICC Warning letter

Prior to being admitted to the ecosystem all new clients are required to accept and acknowledge the ICC WARNING LETTER. It constitutes the definition of fraudulent activities in the commodities industry which went into effect on the 15. November 2008 and have been mutually agreed upon by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), World Bank, European Central Bank, Federal Reserve, Interpol, FBI and CIA.

Trading platform

hubsquare gives all trusted suppliers the opportunity to communicate their products in a secure closed environment. Only once approved, supplies are posted and made visible in the ecosystem. Any and all trades facilitated on hubsquare are exclusively transactions between the trusted seller or buyer and VICE TRADING. No data identifying personal, entities or sensitive information is shared with any third party. VICE TRADING acts as a trading body buying and selling the product from trusted sellers and to trusted buyers.

End-to-end encrypted

All data and communication on hubsquare is end-to-end encrypted. The data is stored on Swiss servers to guarantee utmost data protection and privacy. Our in-app chat is a Signal Messenger Fork, which allows us to communicate with buyers and sellers securely, end-to-end encrypted and in real-time.

Become a trusted suplier
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